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Аннулирование страховки

A reliable and easy to use insurance.

The proposed insurance allows you to be paid off the amount of your stay in case of unforeseen before your stay. 

* Very easy to use, she allows you to be paid off under 48 hours.* Everybody is covered, without necessary family ties.

Example of the most frequent cases:

- Disease of a close friend or yourself or one of the participants in the stay

- You find or lose your employment

- Burglary, destruction or deterioration of your residence or your offices

- Breakdown of the vehicle 

- Abolition or modification of vacation

- Loss of a close friend

- Summons in a remedial examination 

What's to be done in case of cancellation of stay?

Warn the campsite of your withdrawal from the emergence of an event preventing your departure


What are the general exclusions applicable to the set of our guarantees?

We cannot intervene when your demands of guarantees or services are the consequence of damage resulting of:

*The epidemics, the natural disasters and the pollution;* The civil or foreign war, of a riot or a popular movement or a strike;* The voluntary participation of a person assured riots or strikes;* The destruction of the atomic nucleus or any irradiation resulting from ionizing radiation;* The alcoholism, the drunkenness, the use of drugs, narcotics, medicine not prescribed medically;*Any deliberate act which can pull the guarantee of the contract and any consequences of criminal procedure of which you are the object * The duels, bets, the crimes


Les Terrasses de Bertheaume
Rue de Perzel
29217 Plougonvelin
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Location de salle avec hébergement

A deux pas de Brest, sur le site du camping des Terrasses de Bertheaume, une salle de réception est à votre disposition